We prefer to describe the Pavilion of Turkey as a space for meeting, encounter and production rather than merely an exhibition space. We see this project and the preparation process as an opportunity to rethink what a biennial does, for whom, and why it exists in our time.

Kerem Piker

The presence of parallel media and spatial spheres in our surroundings, influences our body and minds capability to grasp knowledge. As cooperation and co-production draws its power from developing social networks, we become further intertwined with each other as our ‘global villages’ develop, producing images and experiences that become mass in nature and at times bear an undeniable resemblance to one another. We live now in highly aestheticized realities inside of the screen, through interfaces that script our interactions1, building image architectures that create untold meaning.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 is a stage for this kind of contemporary reality, scripted by the agenda of national pavilions. In 2017, the 57th International Art Exhibition drew over 615,000 visitors, a high percentage of which were under 26 years old (31% of the total). In 2017 the city of Venice drew 30 Million visitors, with cruise ships delivering sometimes up to 44,000 passengers in one day. How can we observe what visitors are experiencing? How many levels of experience exist in parallel? How can rescripting interactions contribute to an understanding of them?

During this workshop, Vardiya / The Shift becomes a space for broadcasting a developing methodology for how to investigate and make tangible the different media spheres of the Venice Biennale. Through this workshop we aim to investigate both physical and digital reactions, at the same time considering Venice as a fluid and fictional concept, whose story can be told in a multitude of ways, through many time-zones and into many echo chambers.

We believe that with these observations and collections, we could create a moment for the possibility towards a collective re-scripting of interactions into architecture.

16th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia Pavilion Of Turkey