Reimagining the future of collaborative work spaces in the light of COVID-19.

Koza aims to reoffer a shared learning environment by utilizing the health benefits of the outdoors. Inspired by the design of a cocoon, the design offers comfort and relaxationthrough its ample connection to nature and through a space of togetherness. The multi- layered structure allows the students a safe work space as well as privacy without the compromise of physical meetings.

In our return to campus, we seek an atmosphere of peace: protection during these changing times and connection to our classmates and pro- fessors. As we discover the importance of fresh air to our mental and physical wellbeing, the learning environment is taken outside into the open space surrounding the School of Architecture.Step into your Koza. The slatted outer layer rotates to reveal the single- student studio workspace within, while net and plexiglass layers provides protection adjustable to a student’s needs. The curving form of the interior offers a gentle contrast to the rigidity of daily life. Reach solace as the Koza lifts up to meet the others, distanced apart but coming together as a family of units. Once lifted, the student decides which layers to use, depending on what feels necessary that day.