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Technology II
“The Shell”
Arch 309 – Spring 2017
Christof Spieler
David Costanza

This course addressed sustainability issues specific to structural systems. My project was to design a maintenance building on a site on campus, which would cover 3,000 square feet of office space and 7,000 square foot of storage and work areas. The building was expected to include a work bay with 30-foot clearance and no visible columns, to be roofed and enclosed for security, and to provide internal climate control with air-conditioning.
Through this exercise, I learned how to use software such as Grasshopper and Karamba to make calculations for a sustainable building design. I determined suitable connection details as well as member sizes for structures for the calculated dead, live, and wind loads. The structure incorporated metal columns, girders, joists and trusses and a metal deck along with waterproofing and rigid insulation. In the assignment, I explored different structural types in terms of overall performance and learned when and how to use them. I investigated the relation of a structure to other building subsystems including foundations and interiors.
This course proved to me how design was so driven by engineering limitations and revealed other ways of being creative in design to overcoming them. It was very challenging to design and create a building with strong architectural definition while complying with all types of structural constraints.