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Technology I
“The Frame”
Arch 207 – Fall 2016
Christof Spieler
David Costanza

This course taught basic knowledge about engineering practices to incoming architects so that they can understand limitations when designing structures. It also sought to equip architects with the necessary understanding so that they can intelligently support their architectural ideas when confronted by engineers or contractors.
We were tasked to design a structure as well as make various calculations for different loads and select the correct connections that would assure balanced load stress throughout the structure. The project was determined to be 150 square feet, encompassing a sales window, counter, sink, storage area, and an extending roof.
The material and structural aspects were primarily determined by the climate and locations. As part of the project, certain aspects such as the live load, the reaction of materials to the load, and the member sizes were calculated and taken into consideration for design, implementing not only an architectural but also an engineering perspective. Steel columns, girders, joists, metal studs and a lightweight concrete and metal deck were used in the structure design. The building would be located in an area with no snowfall or significant wind so no wind loads or lateral loads were calculated. The final design carried an ordinary, flat, pitched, and curved roof.