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Principles of Architecture II
Arch 102 – Spring 2016
Andrew K. Colopy

This studio investigated the role of information and representation within the design process where I was first introduced to the tools and concepts of notation. The focus of the studio was on the use of precedents. Early in the semester, I analyzed an existing project and its formal concepts. I was then asked to design a small architectural project in the second part of the course, which allowed me to investigate the four phases of design – draw, model, subject and project. I learned to use orthographic projection and analog and digital modeling and developed the relationship between drawing and modeling as I completed the design of a single-family house on an urban site. Starting with creating an abstract diagram following a set of instructions based on deformation sequence, extrusion sequence and double-orientation sequence, I learned how to construct a structure of a three dimensional form. By exploring how to conceptualize a circulation diagram, I learned how to adapt my designs to a logical circulation scheme within a structure. My design response to the deployed instructions experimented with the relationship between exposure and privacy.