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Senior Studio Thesis
Performing Art
“Between Nature And Man”
Art 499 – Fall 2018
William Fowler

I have been observing and exploring our relationship with nature for some time now. In my senior studio thesis, I’m trying to understand our separation from our surroundings and how this relates to our ego, aka our consciousness of our ‘self’. I opted to research inwards, to discover our sense of mind and our individualistic approach to our understanding of our own existence and outwards, in relation to the life that we live within that exceeds us.
I address some environmental issues through performance art by bringing into question the relationship between man and nature and addressing issues such as ownership and respect. For the first part of my thesis, I have been dressing up trees all around Houston and photographing them to anthropomorphize them. This project attempted to bring attention to the plants around us and distinguish them as living breathing beings rather than decorative objects for a handsome city. For the second part, I purchased and ‘owned’ a tree, which was then treated no differently than a pet for three weeks before I left it to die. A documentation of my personal relationship with this tree was then displayed around its corpse, accentuating a contrast between its life and death in an attempt to elicit feelings of anger or sadness from the viewer.