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Self Initiated Art Work

My self-initiated artwork consists mainly of my own passion for creativity. My deep interest in the human form and its abstractions, in particular, plays a valuable role in formulating my creative process. Our bodies, in my opinion, play the role of armor, holding onto our soulful internal being, acting as a shell to restrain our spiritual being within a physical form. The body is a threshold for which our internal and external existence takes place and art is a way in which I am able to convey the fragile yet rigid nature of humankind.

By using different media to implement my creativity such as drawing, painting, and photography, I aim to capture different forms of our existence, our surroundings, our being, our essence, and the way in which we are able to visualize and conceptualize the way we form interactions with the world.

Photography, especially, is a form of creative and artistic expression within which I am able to capture the world, forms, people, structures, colors, and sometimes the lack of colors through my own span of sight. The self-initiated works I create are nurtured by academic learning, but the creative freedom to experiment, conceptualize, and visualize without restriction is truly extraordinary.