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Beginning Drawing
Arts 225 – Fall 2018
Kariann Fuqua

Drawing Studio
Arts 323 – Spring 2018
Karen Broker

These courses taught basic and advanced investigations of drawing using various materials and different mediums. I learned to cautiously watch the details of still life and to contemplate the interplay between the light and the dark and, in another perspective, how the mid-tones disperse throughout the frame to form the image. In beginning drawing, I experimented with the fundamental concepts of drawing, including line, shape, value, form, space, and perspective in the first sequence. I investigated compositional organization using black-and-white media and created a series of observational drawings of my family’s portraits. The drawing studio allowed me to work on my drawing skills on a more advanced level. I got the chance to work on bigger canvases and thus practiced drawing in further detail and overcame the challenges of keeping to proportion when drawing at such large scale. I created five,6-foot-by-3-foot drawings that were then displayed at an exhibition at Rice University.