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Beginning Sculpture
Arts 165 – Spring 2018
Katrina L. Moorhead

In this course, concepts and forms of contemporary sculpture were introduced. Materials such as plaster, clay, cardboard, fabric, wood, and found objects as well as their creative uses, were explored as well as sculpture techniques such as mold making and woodworking. Elements of design, shape, size, texture, color and value were discussed within the context of sculpture.

Being an architecture student, I found a special meaning in this course for while in architecture we imagine and visualize the final 3D product and try to create it on a 2D plane, I found the opportunity to actually create in 3D within the sculpture studio. The course helped me better understand the interplay between materials and space.

In one of my investigations, I deconstructed a wooden chair and sliced it into numerous pieces, changing the form and volume. By doing so, I wanted to raise awareness that it was the design of a structure that attached a certain meaning to the object. Without a designer to shape the form, materials are of no use.

In another investigation, each member of the course was asked to build a wooden box that was to be used as a miniature exhibition room. I chose to utilize the entirety of the sides of the box–or the walls of my exhibition room–as my canvas to place curved wire as in an art work. The end product was a somewhat “scaled-down” installation project.

Sculpture studio was a valuable opportunity to implement my creativity and challenge my boundaries in utilizing unconventional materials in unconventional forms to bring about out-of-the-ordinary sculptural pieces.