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Printmaking Studio
Arts 349 – Spring 2018
Prof. Karen Broker

In this course, methods of etching, lithography, photogravure, and mono printing were explored and studied.

I produced a series of prints, which I named, the “L’évolution de l’homme ” during this studio. I intended to portray a certain critical process of thought that conveyed the dualism between innocence and unwholesomeness as well as the malignant nature of man, as I created prints for my series. The “storyline” of the prints played an important part in the style that each print, as well as the series, created. The image conveying the blindfolded, praying man was later scraped to create the innocent-looking man drinking soup. The woman carrying the tray portrays the role of the nurturing female. The hungry child eating the roast pork later turns into a pig himself, conveying the well-known saying “you are what you eat” through a lens of greed as a form of mirror held up towards the consumerism within society and the unwillingness of human beings to educate themselves on their consumer habits. The entire print series conveys the constant cycle of the nuclear family structure.