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Architectural Hand Drawing
Arch 363 – Spring 2017
William T. Cannady

In our age, digital drawing seems the most important element of the design process. However, freehand sketching and drawing abilities are still strong fundamental tools of conceptual design thinking and communication. Drawing architectural forms by hand brings about the ability to gain a deeper, more rooted understanding of the subtleties that form architectural concepts, which leads to a stronger grasp of the underlying intricacies and unique elements of structures.
Above all, this course provided me with the chance to test my competencies in the art of architectural drawing. By using formal elements such as scale, shape, proportion, and materials, I obtained a new approach to merging the study of architecture and classifying aspects through drawing. By constructing and implementing architectural drawings, such as plans, perspectives, elevation, light, and depth, I enriched my perception of certain architectural design processes. Furthermore, I gained the skills to convey structural properties and different materials of a building and how to communicate conceptual ideas more effectively through drawing.
Since I have always preferred hand drawing over digital, this course gave me a certain confidence in my abilities as a future architect as I realized I could use working design experiments on overlays of tracing paper in order to communicate conceptual ideas. Exercising my sketching abilities and improving my drafting skills was a most valuable milestone in my education.