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Maltepe Municipality – Istanbul
Children’s Playground Design
Internship – 2018

Superpool is an international architecture firm based in Istanbul, Turkey and founded in 2006 by Selva Gurdogan and Gregers Tang Thomsen. The firm’s work has gained international recognition and been exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen and Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in Frankfurt, as well at various biennales. The two principals of the firm are directing Studio-X Istanbul, one of six urban laboratories established by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (

In 2018, my application for a summer internship was accepted by the principal of the firm, Selva Gurdogan, which gave me the chance to work with the Superpool team for one month. I worked on a project called Istanbul 95, and got to conduct critical research on the role of playgrounds in urban settings and how important it is for children to engage within their environment in order to flourish both physically and mentally. I gained an entirely different point-of-view, seeing the city from a child’s perspective and designing, modeling, and creating an urban environment for them. It also led me to work further in this area on a real life children’s playground project for the municipality of a district of Istanbul, which was chosen by the client as one of the two design concepts to be developed by the studio. In the project, we researched ways to adapt playground designs into the characteristics of the particular sites. My design model encompassed circles embedded horizontally onto the site in a way that most efficiently made use of the steepness, generating easily accessible areas while maintaining a playful visual. Each circle in this economically efficient design was purposed differently, for example for trampolines, nets or walking areas. The design was made to be secure yet engaging for children of ages three and older.